Follow Her There!

Sarah Palin’s Alaska premiered tonight on TLC. This 8 part series introduces America to Alaska through the eyes of Sarah Palin and her family.

Check out the series Facebook page here as well as the official blog on TLC and the TLC series page here.

I don’t think that anyone can watch this show and not want to visit Alaska. This is not a political show, but a look at a beautiful state told by people who love living there.


Support Sarah! Make This Go Viral!

Please support Sarah Palin in her efforts to showcase Alaska. The Defenders of Wildlife are going to present the Discovery Communications CEO with a petition containing over 500,000 signatures on Wednesday. The purpose of their petition is to shut down Sarah’s documentary series on the beauty of Alaska. Make this petition and video go viral in support of Sarah. Sign the petition, watch the supporting video. Tweet the links, email your friends and family, post the links on FaceBook! Sarah needs and deserves our support. We can not allow her critics to undermine this project. We only have until Tuesday afternoon to get as many signatures as possible so that we too can present our support to the CEO of Discovery Communications! Please sign the petition now!

Show your support for Gov. Palin and her Discovery Channel Endeavor

A group of Sarah Palin supporters has decided to meet the left-wing haters head on by start a petition of our own. We support Gov. Palin’s new endeavor to film a series showcasing the beauty that is Alaska. Below is a video promoting our petition. We hope you will sign up to show your support!

Here you can read a portion of our petition letter to Mr. Zaslav, CEO of Discovery Communications:

Dear Mr. Zaslav:

As President and CEO of Discovery Communications, Inc., your good taste and sound judgment were evident in your acquisition of the contract for Governor Sarah Palin’s documentary series about her home state of Alaska. Who better to tell the story of Alaska than her most famous daughter? Sarah Palin’s captivating personality will definitely be an asset to your network as you partner with Governor Palin to showcase the majestic beauty of Alaska’s natural wonders.

I join millions of others in my anticipation of this unique and exciting series about Alaska, its history, and its natural wonders. Governor Palin’s presence alone should ensure outstanding viewer ratings.. Oprah Winfrey and FOX News can attest to that. Governor Palin’s initial appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show gave that show its highest ratings in two years. Her debut as a FOX News analyst drew more viewers than all the other cable news programs during that hour combined. Likewise, the first installment of Real American Stories drew more viewers than all her competitors combined. To put it simply, Sarah Palin is “ratings gold”.

You can read the rest of the letter here and sign the petition! Let’s show Sarah just how much support she has!