Catch Sarah Palin tonight on FOX!

Governor Palin’s “Real American Stories” debuts on Fox tonight at 10:00 pm EDT. Please join me in watching this one of a kind series!

The governor’s Facebook note and a link to the promotional video are below.

Real American Stories

America is exceptional! It’s not her politicians that make her so; it’s
her everyday people and the values Americans hold so dear. During this
special week let’s take time to honor some exceptional citizens who may
have felt ordinary, but by acting on opportunities in front of them,
they’ve accomplished some extraordinary things and have made this world
a better place. “Real American Stories” highlights some good people who
help lift America’s spirit. Enjoy their stories as they inspire all of
us to look beyond self and strive to contribute to this great, blessed

I will be guest hosting “Real American Stories” tonight on Fox News
Channel. The show airs at 10pm EDT, 9pm Central, 8pm Mountain, 7pm
Pacific, and 6pm Alaska time.

– Sarah Palin!/notes/sarah-palin/real-american-stories/376261678434

You can watch the promo here.


The understudy is now the STAR – Updated

I have to say that Obama’s administration has affected me in more ways then I ever could have imagined. I am having to work three jobs at this point just to make ends meet and each day that is becoming more and more difficult. What keeps me going is watching what Sarah Palin has been able to do in Washington D.C. She has the main stream media and the Democrats running scared and she likes it! I have not been able to blog in awhile but I ran across an article today that I just had to write about.

In today’s Washington Post, Dan Balz wrote a great article entitled “McCain understudy Sarah Palin is now the star”. You can read the entire article here. I was surprised and excited to read this article because it really demonstrates how far Sarah Palin has come since the 2008 election. Mr. Balz writes:

John McCain and Sarah Palin were back together again Friday. His presidential campaign was floundering when he first reached out to her. Now, facing a challenge from within his party as he seeks reelection to the Senate, McCain has turned to her again to help bail him out. But what a difference.

Their national campaign together ended badly for both, topped by a flurry of leaks dumping on the former Alaska governor and, since then, nasty accusations between the senator’s camp and hers over the conduct of it. Whatever happens now, the reappearance of McCain and Palin on the same stage illustrates how much things have changed since 2008.

Just think back to all the that Sarah has done in two short years: she secured a gas pipeline for the state of Alaska; wrote a best selling novel; spoke out against the health care reform bill and cause Congress to make changes merely by voicing her concerns on her Facebook page. Most of all, Sarah has given millions of Americans a voice and this is what Mr. Balz was able to portray.

For starters, the understudy is now the star. A majority of Americans may think Palin is not qualified to be president, but the GOP faithful love her, as does cable television. Cable news was fixed on Palin as she delivered her introduction of McCain at a rally in Tucson on Friday afternoon. Minutes after McCain took the microphone, they cut away from the rally for other news. …[she described the current atmosphere in D.C. created by the media] in describing as “B.S. coming from the mainstream media lately about us inciting violence.”

“Don’t let the conversation be diverted,” she told the crowd. “Don’t let a distraction like that get you off track.”

Well done Mr. Balz, well done.


This was the weekend of praise for Sarah Palin from some of her usual critics. David Catanese of Politico wrote a nice artile entitled “Palin top draw in reunion with McCain”. In this article Mr. Catanese admits:

No losing vice presidential candidate in recent memory has eclipsed the popularity of their running mate so rapidly. And even though the rally attendees may help send McCain back to the Senate for another six years, for many of them, Palin is the vessel who carries their hopes for the future.

Cindy McCain even subtly acknowledged the proverbial elephant in the room at Friday’s rally in Tucson. “You have come today, I know, most of all to see my husband,” she said, seemingly trying to convince herself and the audience of her own statement. “But I know you’ve also come to see Sarah as well,” she went on, triggering sustained applause.

You can read the entire article here.

Finally, everything Sarah supporters have known is rising to the surface for all to see!

Note to Obama…Stay Focused!

Sarah Palin’s latest FaceBook post “Stay Focused: Relocating Terrorists’ Trial Doesn’t Solve the Main Problem” says so much about the status of our country. Please read her post and remember where you where on Sept. 11, 2001.

People are celebrating the fact that the Obama Administration is considering relocating the terrorists’ trial from New York to another American city. Yet there’s still no talk of moving the trial out of our U.S. civilian courts to where it should take place – a military tribunal.

Now the administration is backtracking in order to fix its initially blundered decision to try these dangerous terrorists in New York City despite the great danger and cost to New Yorkers. This scenario is all too common in Washington. The tactic is to propose something so outrageous that the public will rise up and demand common sense, and then the White House “concedes” and changes its initial decision to give the impression of newfound reasonability and moderation. But the problem still isn’t solved! The trial location debate becomes a diversion so that we’ll take our eyes off the ball. The point missed is that our President still wants to give these terrorists U.S. constitutional protections in our civilian courts, allowing them to lawyer-up on our dime.

This tactic is in the same vein as another Washington game: creating the appearance of a “crisis” in order to push for a radical solution. (“The health care crisis must be fixed by government now or we’re all gonna die! The earth’s temperature is fluctuating; government must fix this crisis now or we’re all gonna die! Private businesses made poor decisions and bureaucrats claim they’re too big to fail, so government must fix this crisis now or we’re all gonna die!”) Politicians and lobbyists announce that there is a “crisis,” and never letting a good crisis go to waste, they propose a radical solution to fix it. The public listens intently, and in a sincere desire to help, an alternative to the politicians’ radical solution gets put forward. The politicians then “concede” and mellow out their radical solution. The public’s attention has been diverted to tinkering on the periphery, all the while ignoring the real problem at the heart of the “crisis” that started the whole debate.

The fact is our government has a choice as to where to try the terrorists. We don’t have to try them in our civilian courts. The peripheral debate regarding in which city to try these evil, dangerous haters-of-America is a diversion. Let’s get back to the heart of the matter: what choice will our government make – terrorist trials in civilian courts or military tribunals?

– Sarah Palin

My advice to Pres. Obama…LISTEN! She knows what she is talking about.

Take that NOW

In the words of Sarah Palin…what is NOW thinking! It’s funny how if a liberal woman is attacked or made to look like a sex object, NOW and other organizations crawl all over themselves to to scream about just how wrong things are. But give them a chance to stand up for all women and they are no shows, just like when David Letterman joked about Sarah’s daugther Willow being raped.

Women’s Rights groups, like NOW, commendably call out advertisers and networks for airing sexist and demeaning portrayals of women that lead to young women’s diminished self-esteem and acceptance of roles as mere sexed-up objects.

What a ridiculous situation they’re getting themselves into now with their protest of CBS airing a pro-life ad during the upcoming Super Bowl game. The ad will feature Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mom, and they’ll speak to the sanctity of life and the beautiful potential within every innocent child as Mrs. Tebow acknowledges her choice to give Tim life, despite less than ideal circumstances. Messages like this empower women! This speaks to the strength and commitment and nurturing spirit within women. The message says everything positive and nothing negative about the power of women – and life. Evidently, some women’s rights groups like NOW do not like that message.

NOW is looking at the pro-life issue backwards. Women should be reminded that they are strong enough and smart enough to make decisions that allow for career and educational opportunities while still giving their babies a chance at life. In my own home, my daughter Bristol has also been challenged by pro-abortion “women’s rights” groups who don’t agree with her decision to have her baby, nor do they like the abstinence message which she articulated as her personal commitment. NOW could gain ground and credibility with everyday Americans, thus allowing their pro-women message to be heard by more than just their ardent supporters, if they made wiser decisions regarding which battles to pick. They should call attention to and embrace the Tebow’s message, instead of covertly and overtly disrespecting what Mrs. Tebow, Bristol, and millions of other women have chosen to do (in less than ideal circumstances).

My message to these groups who are inexplicably offended by a pro-woman, pro-child, pro-life message airing during the Super Bowl: please concentrate on empowering women, help with efforts to prevent unexpected pregnancies, stay consistent with your message that for too long women have been made to feel like sex objects in our “modern” culture and that we can expect better in 2010. But don’t let your double standard glare so vividly as to undo some of the good to which you could contribute.

And CBS: just do the right thing. Don’t cave. Have the backbone to run the ad.

To the Tebows: thank you. America is listening. We appreciate you.

– Sarah Palin

Well said, Sarah, well said. If only “they” would hear you!

They chose life-Sarah and Bristol

In Touch Weekly Cover

In Touch Weekly Cover

With all the negative press that has been written about Sarah Palin and her family, it was refreshing to read a light, yet informative story about life. The January 25, 2010 issue of In Touch Weekly, includes a great story on how choosing life and being mothers has brough Sarah and her daughter Bristol closer together. Bristol and Sarah spoke candidly to In Touch Weekly about the joys and challenges of raising their boys.

Sarah, Bristol, Trig and Tripp

Sarah, Bristol, Trig and Tripp

Now , the mother and daughter are sharing a unique experience – raising baby boys together under the same roof, along with Sarah’s husband Todd, and their other children, Willow, 15, and Piper, 8.

Even though Sarah is busier than ever, her family always comes first. Sarah is very proud of Bristol but she doesn’t coddle her or take over her mothering duties. She gives Bristol support, however, Bristol is expected to support Tripp financially as much as possible. “She realized, ‘It’s not about me.’ Everything she does 24/7 is focused on another life.” Bristol works full time at a doctor’s office and attends classes at a local community college. She knows that everything she does is for Tripp and she has no regrets.

Even though Bristol now has a limited social life, she would not change any of it. “I just want him to be happy and healthy” Bristol states. Bristol knows that her situation is not typical. She has a large support network that involves family and friends.

Having Tripp so young was a mistake, Bristol admits: I should have waited. But she can’t imagine her life without him. Tripp is awesome, she says. It’s going to be a special relationship, a special bond. I’m glad I chose life.

The Palin Family

The Palin Family

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait!

**Update** @SarahPalinUSA: What would America do w/out Fox News?I’m so thankful for the opportunity to work w/team committed to fair&balanced reporting.Please join us! (15 minutes ago from TwitterBerry)

The news world has been buzzing today! As AmandaCarpenter retweeted today: “Zing! RT @LeslieSanchez: Palin gets a job w/ Fox. Well, at least that’s one new job for which Obama gets credit.” The world is Sarah’s oyster, all she has to do is wait and things start happening for her and for us.

“I am thrilled to be joining the great talent and management team at Fox News. It’s wonderful to be part of a place that so values fair and balanced news,” Palin said in a written release.

Palin will also host periodic episodes of Fox News Channel’s “Real American Stories,” a series exploring inspirational real-life tales of overcoming adversity throughout the American landscape that will debut in 2010.

“Governor Palin has captivated everyone on both sides of the political spectrum and we are excited to add her dynamic voice to the FOX News lineup,” said Bill Shine, executive vice president of programming.

You can read the complete article here.

What transparency???

As we enter into a new year the same old politics as usual is rampant in Washington D.C. What happened to all of the campaign promises of being open, transparent and respectful of the needs of the people? In an article posted on the head of CSPAN has had to write a letter to request that the health care meetings be televised!

The head of C-SPAN has implored Congress to open up the last leg of health care reform negotiations to the public, as top Democrats lay plans to hash out the final product among themselves.

You can read more about this here
This is unacceptable. We are facing a government take over of 1/6th of our economy and we will never know all details behnid these backdoor deals and closed door meetings. How can we as a nation uphold our responsibilities as citizens if we are denied the very information we need to make informed decisions?

Sarah Palin called it in her December 22, 2009 posting on FaceBook:

Last weekend while you were preparing for the holidays with your family, Harry Reid’s Senate was making shady backroom deals to ram through the Democrat health care take-over. The Senate ended debate on this bill without even reading it. That and midnight weekend votes seem to be standard operating procedures in D.C. No one is certain of what’s in the bill, but Senator Jim DeMint spotted one shocking revelation regarding the section in the bill describing the Independent Medicare Advisory Board (now called the Independent Payment Advisory Board), which is a panel of bureaucrats charged with cutting health care costs on the backs of patients – also known as rationing.

You can read her complete note here.

I am very concerned about not only my future as I age, but about the future of my children. That is why I am an organizer for the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee and why I have become so politically active over the last 18 months. I am an educator, a mother, and a military wife and enough is enough. It is necessary for the Tea Party movement to continue to give us a voice. It is important that as citizens we hold our “representatives” accountable, that includes the President.

With less than a year in office, Pres. Obama’s approval rating is below 50% and Congress is now well below 40%. We have had at least two terror bombing attempts (that we know of) and the President waited days, not hours, before he made a statement about the attempted bombing of an airplane over Detroit.

We have a person who can help lead us back from the edge, her name is Sarah.

Sarah Palin You Betcha!
I hope and pray that soon we will see billboards like this one up all over the country.

Palin 2012 Billboard

If we all stand up and refuse to shut up, then in our future we will see magazine covers and headlines like this…

Palin 2012 Magazine Cover

Continue to write, call, and email your Senators and Congressional Representatives. Donate to SarahPAC and 2012DraftSarahCommittee. But most of all refuse to sit down and shut up. If Patrick Henry had stayed quiet we may all speaking with British accents right now!