Jill and Denise

Jill and Denise

We are just two people who support limited government, lower taxes, energy independence, and a strong military. We have started this blog to share our experiences as conservative women with others as well as to share our support for Sarah Palin. We want to encourage every woman regardless of class, background, creed, what have you to speak up and be counted. We firmly believe, as Sarah Palin does, that you do not need money or a title in order to affect change. We are mothers, wives, and daugthers who feel that it is time for us to stand up and have a voice. As a military wife (Denise)with a young son who will soon enter the military, we feel it is our duty to help turn the nation back to our values of limited government in order to protect our children’s future. We hope that you will enjoy our blog and will visit often.

Please welcome Jamie as a new contributor to our blog. Jamie is Jill’s daughter and will be a huge asset. She will bring fresh insight as a young conservative woman living in Alaska!


2 Responses

  1. Hi Denise! I just found your blog! This is Jennifer from TeamSarah! I am so glad that you’ve decided to make a blog. I really think that it’s great that so many of us are speaking out for Gov. Palin and her future:)

    I look forward to reading your blog in the future!

    Glad you did so well with finals~AWESOME! 🙂


  2. Hey Denise! You are an extremely talented writer who is using her voice so responsibly! It is quite refreshing to see someone reporting facts and allowing the reader to draw conclusions based on that alone. I, for one, am a proponent of being a good steward of communicating accurate information – regardless of our personal views. You do that beautifully! Keep up the awesome work, stay centered and continue to deliver your clear message. I am very proud of you! And am especially proud of anyone who steers clear of messages center in hate…:-)

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