Happy Birthday Bristol! DWTS is on in a few Hours!

First off I want to wish Bristol Palin a very happy 20th birthday! I wish you all the best Bristol! To help celebrate her birthday, Mark Ballas, her dance partner took her to an L.A. Kings hockey game. It looks like a good time was had by all.


Bristol and Mark at the L.A. Kings game

Tonight is week 5 of Dancing with the Stars. Bristol has held strong and tonight she and Mark will dance the “Jive”. Bristol’s Facebook page is just shy of 9,000 with 8,764 fans. Let’s help her reach 9,000 and beyond on her birthday. You can become a fan of her Facebook page here.

Voting starts at 8:00 pm Eastern time with the start of the show. Please vote by phone at 1-800-868-3407 and by texting 3407 (if you are an AT&T customer). You can use your home phone, cell phone, spouse’s cell, kids cell, etc. Don’t wait for Bristol to dance – go ahead and get on those phone lines!

Internet voting is kept open until 11:00 am Eastern time on Tuesday. Let’s use all of our votes for Bristol! Let’s keep her dancing on into week 6 and beyond! Dance, Bristol, Dance! 🙂 Happy Alaska Day everyone!


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