May dreams come true!

Oval Office in 2013

Yesterday I took my two youngest boys to the National in Washington, DC. As I drove around in all the crazy traffic, I kept thinking what would it be like if Sarah Palin was here? If my dreams come true, the picture above will appear on the front pages of all the major newspapers in America! The main stream media would be touting the work of Sarah Palin as she sits at HER desk in the Oval Office. When I “created” this picture, I could not help buy smile and think about how right this image looks. Here she is working in the Oval Office! I could picture Trig and Piper playing in the rose garden with Willow right out side the window and Sarah smiling to herself as she listens to them giggle as they play.

Now, this may just be a dream but I pray as do many, many others that it becomes a reality in the near future. On the flip side, the progressives fear that this will become realize so much that they are writing articles to distroy Sarah Palin and then when there is no news to “report” they are writing articles about the fact that there is nothing to report! But yet they complain that it was Sarah who was keeping her name in the news!

Now, we are all speculating on what we hope Sarah will do. From where I sit, the country needs her and her leadership badly, however, as a mother and a woman I wouldn’t blame her if she decided to stay out of it all. I will always support Sarah in any way I can and will continue to speak out and speak up for what I think is right. I recently signed a petition to oppose the health care bill in Virginia and I will be attending the Sept. 12 Tea Party in Washington DC to stand up for my family and my community. I encourage anyone who is not sure who he/she feels about the direction of our country to do your research. Don’t rely on the media, the President or anyone else to give it to you straight. Sign up for emails from your Representatives and Senators. And you can also ask questions by calling, faxing, and emailing those who represent. If  We the People will band together for what we feel is needed and what we are willing to pay for through our hard work, then WE can get this country going in the right direction once again. We can not assume that other have our best interest at heart. In the words of Sarah Palin, we can not “sit down and shut up”.


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