Fairbanks Picnic & Governor’s Inauguration

Yesterday God blessed us with a gloriously beautiful day to witness the Alaskan Governor’s “changing of the guard”. The smoke from fires burning just south of Fairbanks was providentially diverted for this event. We enjoyed gorgeous blue skies, warm weather and an occasional cool breeze.

Pioneer Park was filled with people, thousands although I haven’t heard the official estimates. Many were Sarah Palin supporters and others who may not have an opinion but were average citizens at the Park to enjoy the picnic, time with family and friends and maybe witness history. Of course, there were protesters, your run of the mill haters with their very witty signs such as “Quitting – The Newest American Value” and “Sick of $arah”. Sick of her… yet there they are to see her. Go figure.

The swearing in of Governor Sean Parnell and Lt. Governor Craig Campbell were encouraging. It’s always exciting to witness a piece of history and in this case, look forward to hopefully seeing our State’s commander-in-chief actually be allowed to get the job of governing done.

Of course, watching Sarah give her farewell speech was the highlight of my day. If you haven’t heard/seen it, the speech can be found on both http://www.conservatives4palin.com and http://www.sarahNET.net which is a must to obtain the full effect of Sarah’s words and meaning. Reading her speech online won’t do it justice because her adlibs and tone are significant.

I plan on posting some pictures in the next day or so with other observations from Sarah’s farewell speech but for now I’ll just share that I absolutely loved that Sarah took a few people to task: many in the media; Hollywood and their agenda; those on an American apologetics tour. And she spoke like the Patriotic American with such a Servant’s Heart that America’s Founders embodied and America so needs a return to. A leader whose ambition is to build a strong, prosperous and secure America by keeping government in the role it is meant to be; small and limited. Not someone looking for glory and power. Sarah Palin is such a leader.

Once we accept the government’s offer of caretaking we lose freedoms while simultaneously strapping a monkey to our backs that is difficult to shed. That monkey is nearly a gorilla now.

We must, MUST elect leaders like Sarah Palin to guide and direct us back to true liberty. We need leaders who speak with National pride and prosperity; leaders who care about WE the people; who care about your ability to live your life free of burdensome and oppressive government regulation and taxation. We need Sarah Palin.


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  1. Jill, I agree with your sentiments 100%, couldn’t have said it better myself. OUR COUNTRY NEEDS SARAH PALIN, God willing !!!

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