Alaska Governor’s Picnics

Yesterday was the Mat-Su Governor’s Picnic in Wasilla, AK. Lynn Gattis, Margaret Sharpe and I were local volunteers to help the Chamber set-up; Adrienne Ross from Albany, NY was our out of town volunteer. We decorated the area with balloons then helped get everything set up for the Administration to serve the food. Tracey Porreca volunteered to take pictures for the chamber.

The weather was nice and there was a large participation from the community. It was a great day with great music and a nice military tribute. The food service began a little late because there was a problem with the hot dog vendor’s grill but things eventually got under way.

When Governor Sarah Palin arrived things virtually came to a grinding halt. I know our Governor is in many people’s hearts since last year’s Presidential campaign when Sarah was chosen by John McCain as his Vice Presidential running mate. I know she has awakened a political awareness in people they’ve never before experienced. That’s Sarah. She has a way about her which touches people’s souls; connecting with them as no other politician does.

What I didn’t know, because I hadn’t experienced it, was the mob-ness that is involved surrounding her. One lady refused to respect the barriers and plowed her way through. Another remarkable moment was when suddenly there was a four year old little girl in the serving area. We asked her if she was lost, she said no she was with her mom. When we asked if her mom knew where she was she told us yes, her mom sent her in to get a picture of Sarah Palin. Adrienne told me yesterday was just a fraction of what it was like when the Governor was in New York.

Through all the crowds and noise Sarah remains gracious, kind and generous. After witnessing what I can only describe as “movie star status” yesterday, I have to say I have an even higher appreciation for Sarah Palin. If yesterday was any indication, I think the negative thinkers are a small minority, and rightly so! The manner in which people treat others is of great importance. Sarah’s consideration of others is beyond great; it’s exemplary. She truly has a Servant’s Heart.

I realize I’m speaking from the perspective of Wasilla, Alaska. But if her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska converges on her like they did yesterday which is, as Adrienne said, only a fraction of what it was like in New York, it takes someone with the grace of Sarah Palin to be able to affect positive change and do so with poise and dignity, all the while remaining humble. Sarah Palin is the people’s leader.

We’re on our way to Fairbanks now for that Governor’s picnic and Sean Parnell’s inauguration in tandem with a Team Sarah Mission. Wish us luck! But more importantly, keep Sarah and her family in prayer.


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