Has it all really come to this?

I have been making the rounds to other conservative blogs today. The common topic today is the issue of Sarah Palin’s hair. Has it really come down to this? It makes me sad to see that the media has sunk so low as to make up, or lie, about what is or is not happening with Sarah Palin’s hair. This issue just cements how far some of the so called journalist will go just to include Sarah’s name in a story. They all known that any article that mentions Sarah Palin’s name will receive hits on the web.

Now instead of reporting the facts, they are resorting to “myth media”, making it all up as they go along. I can see why the average person, who does not have time to search the web and research the truth, could be hooked by this type of reporting. Everyone loves a good drama as long as it is happening to someone else. But what the majority of the public does not understand is that we are all part of that drama… it is on TV, in print, on the web. It is up to us to research the facts now because it is clear that the media is not going to do it. We have to be the voice of reason, the voice of restraint, the voice of our children. What I fear most is losing control of our government to the point that we create a monster that can no longer be controlled and then we leave it for the next generation to deal with.

In 2009, we should not fear for the future of our children. We should be celebrating our status as a world power in which our products and our currency are valued by others. Instead, we are talking about government funded abortions and telling our senior citizens that they are not worth our help, i.e. they should learn to embrace the aging process rather than receive health care due to the expense. I fear that my kids won’t have the same opportunities that I do now. I fear for my soon to be 16 old son because he has decided to serve in the military. I am proud of his decision but I fear for his safety as our Congress votes not to fully fund our military.

It is difficult to discuss today’s political environment with my kids. They don’t understand why we can’t go out and buy things like we used to, they don’t understand why their grandparents are always upset and talking about health care, and they don’t full understand why our government that was created to help us is taxing us and them to the point that our standard of living is being decreased. How can I explained it to them when I don’t fully understand it myself? All of this is what should be on the front pages of the news media, not whether or not Sarah Palin’s hair is thinning! (By the way, if you look at any of the recent pictures or video anyone can see that her hair is just fine!) Instead of focusing on myths we need to focus on the real issues that are hurting us. We can’t allow Congress to pass another bill WITHOUT reading it. Those who do, must be voted out. We have to stand together and stand up.


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  1. I’ve seen “news” articles about Gov. Palin’s toes, toenail polish, her shoes, the length of her skirts, her weight, her hair, and even the corsages she wears. Then there was the lie that she and Todd are getting a divorce, and the lie about both of them having had affairs (based on an Enquirer story from last Sept, which was debunked long ago.) The left and their media allies care nothing for the truth. To them it is only important that they score political points. If they can score points with lies, their fine with that, since a lie is easier to spread then the truth.

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