Sarah Palin is our “Rocky”

I came across this video on youtube posted by 77elleb. The theme of “Rocky” is the backdrop to pictures and audio of Sarah Palin. Watching this video just reminds me why I support her and believe in her. It also serves as a reminder as to why the “left” hates her so much. She embodies everything that they work against. She is a self made, productive, happy woman who did not need or seek their approval before trying to make a difference.

So much has been written and talked about since Sarah Palin made her announcement that she was stepping down from the governor’s office. What the talking heads often forget or rather ignore is that she really is one of us. I have thought a lot about this lately. The founding fathers set up our government system to be run by citizen politicians who would serve for a limited time and then go back to their “normal” lives. When did being a politician become a career? And not only a career but an enterprise in which the people who are to be served are not represented? When did it become a standard to trash others that you don’t agree with?

As a teacher, I teach my students as well as my children that it is ok to disagree with someone but it is not ok to attack the person. As adults, this simple protocol seems to be forgotten. Attack someone’s policies, fine, but attacking the person is not acceptable, at least not in my book. This is why the left is so bothered by Sarah Palin. She said it herself that she is not willing to sit down and shut up. If she dies politically because she stood up then she is ok with that. And I am right there with her. I will stand up for her and stand up for the right direction for our country. I will stand against policies that seek to destroy our military, our economy and our ability to live freely without the invasion of government in our personal affairs.

It is time for us to tighten our belts, pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and fight back against the idea that you must have a title, an ivy league education, large bank account, and must know the “right” people before we can affect change. When I was visiting Alaska earlier this month, I saw a sign beside an Anchorage business that read: “Progress is not made by content people”. And I believe that change is not made by title alone. Change comes from ideas and ideas can originate from all of us. We have to work together and not against each other in order to affect real change. All supporters of Sarah Palin have to band together and support each other as we also support Sarah Palin. Join, add to your favorites, donate to, and most of all donate to A donation to SarahPAC is an investment in the future. Full speed ahead! GO Sarah GO!


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