Letter to the editor published in the Frontiersman

Published on Monday, July 13, 2009 9:29 PM AKDT
To the editor:

I was disappointed to learn that your newspaper did not cover the Wasilla Tea Party on July 4th. It is my understanding that your paper viewed this event as repetitive. My question is, how would you know if no one covered the event?

I was in town visiting friends all the way from Virginia. At the Tea Party I met people who traveled from Arizona and New York as well as other Virginians who just wanted to participate in the local Tea Party. You may view these events as repetitive; however, until Washington, D.C., and specifically the executive branch understand that we as a nation are fed up with politics as usual and fed up with seeing our hard earned money flushed away like nothing, you just won’t understand the gravity of the message here.

More than 1,000 attended the Tea Party to stand up against government growth, socialized health care, cap and trade and out of control spending. I, for one, was also there to celebrate our nation’s independence as well as to show my support for Gov. Palin.

We all have sacrificed so much to make this a great nation only to watch the current administration apologize to the world for America. I hope the Frontiersman will reconsider this lack of coverage for the next event that presents the people of your great community.

Denise Spencer

Yorktown, Va.


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